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  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees


AECOM is committed to building the representation of those who identify as LGBTQI+ in STEM and creating a safe space where everyone feels they can be themselves and thrive. 

Our series of employee resource groups across the organisation make up AECOM Voices and ensure that diverse perspectives are represented and heard to impact policies and business outcomes. They also help employees network, grow their careers and take part in community outreach. 

Craig Lowe, Chair of our Pride Australia and New Zealand group says,
“As a proud gay man, I feel it is important to create a safe, open and accepting environment for those from a LGBTQIA+ background. Pride creates the mechanism for our colleagues to bring their whole selves to work, without having to hide anything. Pride is the recognition that every person at AECOM is just as valuable as each other.

As members of Pride in Diversity – Australia’s first and only not-for-profit workplace programme designed to assist Australian employers with the inclusion of LGBTQI+ employees – AECOM stay aligned with best practice when it comes to LGBTQI+ inclusion.