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Working Hours at AECOM

8.3 rating for Working Hours, based on 92 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Very flexible. Able to book all working hours.
Graduate, Sydney
They are very flexible with WFH arrangements and even supply a great WFH set up, but most departments do prefer a set number of days in the office, unless there are medical, family or other commitments preventing you from coming in.
Graduate, Perth
very flexible hours
Graduate, Newcastle
I enjoy working in the office as most of my team chooses to come in around 3 days a week. However it's up to the individual if you need to wfh more days due to a long commute then that's usually fine. However, for the first couple months being in the office more is expected as it's easy to learn.
Graduate, Sydney
The hours are pretty flexible. Some people come to office pretty early, some people come late. There are not much restriction on what time you have to be in office.
Graduate, Brisbane
Very flexible
Graduate, Canberra
I like to work 40 hours a week from the office. Sometimes I stuggle because there are few in my team in the office towards the end of the week and it is hard to stay motivated. It's mostly a perception thing, but it feels disconnected.
Graduate, Rockhampton
I usually work in the office for 3/4 days. I work from home the other days. Very flexible.
Graduate, Brisbane
It is very flexible
Graduate, Mackay
40 hours minimum. Overtime is not paid unless you do a lot consistently. Minimum 3 days in office, but constant pressure to be in more even if you meet the 3 day minimum
Graduate, Newcastle
AECOM is really flexible with Hybrid Working environments. Most weeks I work 3-4 days in the office
Graduate, Brisbane
Some weeks you will work extra hours to get things over the line. Typically I make these up by taking shorter days where I can.
Professional, Brisbane
The hours are rather flexible and there is the ability to WFH if need be.
Graduate, Newcastle
Especially compared to my previous job, the flexibility of working my 40 hours is wonderful.
Professional, Brisbane
I've been able to average working 40hrs a week and other team member make sure I'm not doing excessive overtime.
Graduate, Sydney
Flexible within my team and manager is good with taking time in lieu.
Graduate, Sydney
Hours vary as expected with the consulting industry, however compensation is significantly undervalued in comparison.
Professional, Brisbane
I feel as though 2 days in the office is reasonable.
Graduate, Melbourne
40 hours standard. Usually end up doing more but depends what time you are in. Flexible hours are usually fine as long as you meet deadlines and attend important meetings etc
Early Professional, Brisbane
Very flexible, reasonable and understandable amount of overtime when required.
Professional, Perth