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Avipsa Padhi

Being a systems engineer is a very dynamic job which needs constant reinstatement from a learning perspective. There is a lot to learn.

When did you start working at VMWare?

On the 13th of February 2017. I distinctly remember this day, when I joined the System Engineering team as a graduate. The vice president and managing director of VMware ANZ welcomed six of us who were joining under the graduate program. He introduced us to the team who shared stories of their journey at VMWare. It was really inspiring to learn about so many success stories.

How did you get to your current job position?

Before I got to have my own team, I was in the VSA team. VSA helped me in many ways, starting from the onboarding program to developing sales skills. It helped me to understand my job as a systems engineer and how to conduct it successfully. Under VSA, I got to talk to many experienced professionals. It helped me to understand the industry better. After more than a year in the role, I must admit it has been a roller coaster. My experiences – some great and others hard – have made me better both personally and professionally.

What does a typical day at work look like?

On a typical day, I leave home by 7.30 am. After travelling by bus and train, I reach Town Hall station by 8.30 am. It takes me ten minutes to walk from the station to the VMWare office and I love this walk through the Queen Victoria Building. As I pass through the shops, I always keep my eyes open for the latest trends in dresses, bags, shoes etc. By the time I reach the office, lots of work is already due.

After quickly going through my emails, I prioritise my tasks for the day: talking to customers/partner regarding deals, supporting them with their queries and conducting training sessions about VMWare products. On other days, I travel to a partner’s or customer’s office to conduct enablement sessions. There are other occasions where I get to represent VMWare at industry forums. I typically finish my day by 5.00 pm, but not before planning for the next day.

As I wrap up and head back home, I have a feeling that as a part of the System Engineering team I have been able to demonstrate the value of VMWare products to my partners/customers, and contribute towards the growth of the company. In my own way I am ‘changing the world’.

Can you tell us something about VMWare that we don’t know?

It’s not that I spend my whole time doing office work. I also participate in community service representing VMWare. This could be volunteering at Foodbank, helping a wallaby find a new home or sometimes helping charity organisations to achieve their cause.

Have you had to complete any further training?

You need to be updated and upskilled. Being a systems engineer is a very dynamic job which needs constant reinstatement from a learning perspective. There is a lot to learn. I make sure that I attend relevant trainings to keep myself updated.

What are some of the best things about your workplace?

A great thing about working here is that I get to organise my day, manage my own time and prioritise my tasks. In a nutshell, you are your own boss. These things are not possible without the constant support of my team members. The team environment at VMWare is fantastic. It’s not just the team; I can approach anyone here for any kind of help.