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At AGL, they believe that energy plays a crucial role in improving lives and is dedicated to powering the way Australians live, work, and move.

With a rich history spanning over 185 years, AGL has been proudly operating as an Australian organization. It provides approximately 4.3 million energy and telecommunications customer services, aiming to establish itself as a leading multi-product retailer. AGL's primary objective is to simplify, ensure fairness, and maintain transparency in the provision of energy and other essential services.

In the National Electricity Market, AGL holds the distinction of operating Australia's largest private electricity generation portfolio. This portfolio encompasses a diverse range of energy sources, including coal and gas-fired generation, renewable energy from wind, hydro, and solar, as well as storage assets such as batteries and firming technology. Additionally, AGL possesses gas production and storage assets. As part of its commitment to sustainability, AGL is actively transitioning towards a low emissions, affordable, and smart energy future. This approach aligns with the goals outlined in its Climate Transition Action Plan, leveraging its history as a significant private investor in renewable energy.

AGL remains dedicated to continuous innovation in energy and other essential services. By enhancing the way Australians live and contributing to the preservation of our environment for future generations, AGL strives to make a positive impact.

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