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  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Optiver Graduate Programs & Internships

  • Trading

What we do: Optiver is a tech-driven trading firm & leading global market maker

No. of employees: Almost 2,000 colleagues globally

The good bits: Smart colleagues, flat structure, collaborative and inclusive environment

Hiring interns across all backgrounds, including Maths, Engineering, Science, Software Development, Actuarial Studies, Finance, Machine Learning and more.

Our Story

Optiver is a tech-driven trading firm and leading global market maker. With close to 2,000 employees in office locations around the world, we’re united in our commitment to improve financial markets, making them more transparent and efficient for all participants.

The Culture

Our best work is done together

At the heart of our collaborative culture, is our drive to continuously improve. You’re given significant responsibility early on and encouraged to challenge thinking from the day you start. 

Our high-performance environment means you’ll be surrounded by best-in-class colleagues with a passion for problem solving. Yet, our intentionally flat and informal culture allows us to remain down to earth and approachable.

We're always curious and eager to learn. In fact, the more complex or niche a subject, the more likely we’ll want to understand it from the inside out.

Potential over expertise

We look for the strongest academic minds, combined with a motivation to succeed. You could have a degree as diverse as Mathematics, Actuarial, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering or even Philosophy.

And because we recruit problem solvers from all degrees and backgrounds – no prior industry knowledge is required.

Our Perks

We believe that great ideas and impact can come from everyone. As an intentionally flat organisation, we’re focused on creating an environment where every person is supported to build, innovate and thrive.

  • Gym memberships for staff to help stay fit and active
  • Small group training sessions
  • Weekly meditation and mindfulness sessions
  • Daily breakfast and lunch are provided by our in-house chefs
  • Fresh fruit, healthy snacks and vegan/vegetarian options for every meal
  • Onsite barista
  • Weekly in-chair massages for all staff
  • Onsite shower facilities
  • Plenty of teams and clubs to get involved in, from soccer, and basketball to cycling teams, and even rock climbing!
  • Health challenges for charities, such as City2Surf and more
  • An internal library - a quiet area, full of resources available to all staff

Giving back to the community

Optiver believe in giving back to the communities we come from and operate within. This drive for 'better every day takes a lot of different shapes, to give their people opportunities to support their preferred causes. Here are some examples:

  • We have volunteer days for all staff, allowing our people to dedicate their time to the things they care for.
  • We support Indigenous artists through the Artbank program.
  • Each day, leftover food is donated to OzHarvest, ensuring it goes to those in need.
  • We hold a Charity Vote every year, giving $20K donations to three charities voted for by our staff.
  • We support the Movember campaign, which means a lot of furry lips (and fitness folks) during November.
  • We promote blood donation drives, and fitness and wellness events.
  • We have regular in-house trading sessions to raise money for nominated charities and causes.
  • We donate books, toys and gifts to the Smith Family Christmas Appeal, and allow staff to give their Christmas gift to a charity of their choice.
  • We're continuously adopting new initiatives to improve our impact on the planet, including sustainable coffee cups, selecting vendors with impeccable environmental credentials, and reducing our single-use plastics.
  • We encourage staff to cycle to work, providing bike storage and free bike servicing services to reduce environmental impact and traffic on the roads.
  • Our offices are in a 6-star green-rated building, and we work with Ecosave to monitor and optimise our environmental impact.

Recruitment Process

Optiver aim to keep the process as smooth and simple as possible to help you be at your best during the process. Here are the steps you can expect as part of your application and interview process:

  1. Submit application
  2. Complete online assessments
  3. Behavioural Zoom interview
  4. Technical and behavioural interviews
  5. Congrats, you’ll receive an offer!

Remuneration & Career Growth

At Optiver, we invest in your future from day one. Our training programs are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to make an impact in your role. 

Every day presents an opportunity to solve the seemingly impossible. It’s a place where you’re empowered to build, code, develop and strategise ideas that push the boundaries of technological and analytical possibility. 

Internship program

Gain 10 to 12 weeks of experience in our in-house training program. From theoretical lectures on trading fundamentals to working on projects that contribute towards our ever-evolving strategies, accelerate your career with Optiver’s summer internship program. 

By the end of summer, our goal is to have identified future Optiverians who'll rejoin our world-class teams in the Graduate program. 

Graduate Program

Kickstart your learning in our industry-leading training program. Through a combination of lectures, simulation training and rotational development, our full-time training courses are designed to set you up for success. Put your knowledge into practice and work on impactful projects that deliver immediate impact. 

Graduate Reviews

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What Graduates Say About Them
  • Collaborating with very smart and friendly people on tricky but interesting problems
  • Excellent pay and perks. Good culture, friendly colleagues and reasonable work life balance. Excellent opportunities to take ownership of products and responsibility, even for new grads.
  • Very tight knit grad cohort makes for a good work environment.
  • The people - everyone is really smart, really interesting, and really driven. Coming to work feels kind of like when I started going to university with the number of different ideas floating around. The responsibility - Optiver is kind of like a massive start up in that everyone gets the chance to take responsibility for large areas and can progress quickly.
  • The work is continually interesting, the perks are amazing, and there is a good culture around work hours and succeeding
  • Great perks: built in breakfast, lunch and coffee. Awesome games room with pool, Nintendo switch and table tennis. Free gym membership and massages on Wednesday. People are friendly and smart, and you learn a lot on the job. You never feel board with what you're doing, as the problems are challenging and interesting. Managers are great, they value one on one meetings, and helping employees improve. The annual company trip is awesome.
  • Can be more stressful / pressure than other places
  • Fast paced environment isn't for everyone. You need to stay on top of your projects' requirements and stakeholders at all times.
  • There will be a lot to learn, you will feel like a complete beginner in most areas of the business. You may question your knowledge/ability because everyone is talented.
  • Trading is a stressful job. This comes both from the markets and the high performance nature of everyone at Optiver but I wouldn't trade it in for another job.
  • The amount of work is constant, and you have to be fairly self directed from the get go
  • There is always challenging work, there's no time to slack off!

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