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  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders at GHD

GHD has a formal commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and supports indigenous students through internships and scholarships.
  • GHD is proud to have maintained a strong connection to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities since their foundation more than 90 years ago.
  • GHD presented their first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in early 2017 as a public commitment to reconciliation with Australia’s First Peoples. Their Reflect RAP focused on developing national strategies related to their business and how GHD could contribute to reconciliation in Australia. In November 2018, GHD launched their second RAP – Innovate, to set the future direction of how GHD and all their people can continue to make a positive difference in a practical way. GHD launched a refreshed Innovate RAP in October 2021 which refreshes our vision and establishes more ambitious and specific actions needed to achieve this vision.
  • GHD established an internal Indigenous Network made up of their Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees. The network helps to connect Indigenous employees across their regions and provides a platform for input and feedback. 
  • Since 2010, GHD has hosted 118 Indigenous interns as part of the CareerTrackers program, and in 2017 GHD entered into a partnership with the GO Foundation to provide scholarships to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.