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Department of Defence

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Sustainability at Department of Defence

6.4 rating for Sustainability, based on 32 reviews
Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.
There are efforts to address this.
Midlevel, Canberra
Appropriate coloured bins for recycling and awareness of corporate footprint is planned and document when developing projects.
Graduate, Adelaide
Company prefers if sending items are done via email.
Graduate, Canberra
More could be done in this area.
Graduate, Canberra
I know these exist, but not too much about them. The main one I see as an employee is with waste/recycling/compost bins, which are excellent.
Graduate, Canberra
Considerations for printing, parking (encouraged to take PT) and use of IT resources
Graduate, Canberra
Separate bins for recycling and waste
Graduate, Sydney