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Madeleine Magrath

7.00 AM

My alarm goes off, I put on some music or a podcast as I get ready, eat breakfast and pack lunch before heading out the door. I get on the train just after 8:00am and arrive at the office around 8:30am so I can check my emails, grab a coffee and organise my workflow for the day. 

9.00 AM

I start working through my to-do list. I work in the Global Investment and Innovation Incentives team within Tax at Deloitte which involves helping clients apply for various grants, credits and incentives. This morning I worked on some project descriptions which are used to help identify eligible Research & Development activities. I get to meet some really interesting and innovative people who are creating incredible new products and services in a number of industries including health care, software, agriculture, life sciences, mining and many more.

10.30 AM

I try to grab a coffee with my buddy or manager every couple of weeks to check-in. I use this as an opportunity to ask any questions and get involved in any upcoming opportunities within the team. Everyone in my team comes from very different backgrounds, there are four PhD’s in our team so there is always an abundance of knowledge to learn from. After my coffee catch up, I schedule in some time in my calendar to meet with a Senior Analyst in my team to go through the project descriptions I have been working on to get some feedback. 

12.30 PM

Around this time I grab my lunch. I normally try to get out of the office during lunch and catch up with the other graduates or some uni friends working nearby. Otherwise, I take a book down to Circular Quay and just relax for an hour. 

1.30 PM

As part of the graduate program within Tax at Deloitte, we attend training sessions for a few hours every month to help us improve our technical knowledge. I really enjoy these sessions as they help me with my day to day work and I get to spend time with the other graduates. This afternoon we had a training session around Company Tax Essentials. 

4.00 PM

I get back to my desk and jump on a client call with some of the technical personnel involved in the R&D in the clients business. I listen and take notes which will be used to help write the project descriptions and identify the eligible expenses that can be claimed. 

5.00 PM

I start packing up for the day so I can make it home in time either for training for rugby sevens, the gym or dinner with friends. A good work-life balance is very important to me so I always make sure I schedule in something after work.