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Training & Personal Development at AECOM

7.3 rating for Training, based on 92 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Very satisfied. Was provided very good support and still ongoing
Graduate, Sydney
We have a company based online learning platform that you can utilise to learn about different topics that can be very useful. I get to learn hands on in the field and through well structured guidelines/instructions set up.
Graduate, Perth
The program offers loads of courses, both in person whole day trainings with other grads and online trainings. I feel like everyday is new and learning in constant at AECOM.
Graduate, Sydney
The company could allow a budget to send an employee (especially graduate) for external training such as a drafting course, on-site training, or conference to gain more knowledge.
Graduate, Brisbane
AECOM has its own internal University with heaps of materials and training to learn from
Graduate, Mackay
Training days are provided as an introduction to AECOM's systems and expectations. Most learning is on the job. There are usually compulsory online training modules for safety and inclusion which are well made.
Graduate, Newcastle
Didnt really seem like there was much training. Mostly just days talking about different company pathways etc
Professional, Brisbane
They hold a number of in person and online formal and informal training courses for graduates and other employees throughout the year.
Graduate, Newcastle
Good ongoing training, and job specific qualifications including Remote First Aid training, 4WD recovery, Construction Industry White Card, etc.
Professional, Brisbane
Had a graduate conference to explain general aspect of the company and work procedures. Watched video to learn new software and had coworkers answer any question I had about work.
Graduate, Sydney
I didn't really find any of the graduate development training sessions or online courses helpful. I think they need to be geared differently or have more in-person workshops (which I did find useful). On-the-job technical training on projects was good.
Graduate, Sydney
It's a bit too broad.
Graduate, Melbourne
There is a GPS program for grads coming in which covers multiple topics that are delivered online and in person. Some topics are more useful and interesting than others. On the job training has been great. I she learnt a lot just in my everyday work from the more experienced people around me.
Early Professional, Brisbane
Access to online training as well as internal courses (Project Management Training)
Professional, Perth
The AECOM University platform is really good. There's a lot of good content there. But we never get time to explore it, unless it's in our own time. Even the mandatory training had to be done in our personal time. Especially as a grad, I received next to no formal training. A lot of time, I was expected to know stuff before being taught.
Professional, Sydney
on the job learning. not very structured, so could use some improvement. largely dependent on initiative to ask
Graduate, Sydney
The formal graduate programme training is not incredibly useful. AECOM Uni is fairly helpful with a wide range of programmes to help you learn.
Graduate, Auckland
My team coworkers taught me a lot of skills to do flood modelling. Then we have regular sessions to develop communication, work efficiency, and how we can look after ourselves with work.
Graduate, Townsville
Most training is through AECOM university or on the job training. The company offers many lunch and learns that assists in the learning of young professionals. The company also supports external workshops and conferences that assist in the training and development of professional skills.
Graduate, Brisbane
Online training, sometimes we have workshops but not much really.
Graduate, Sydney