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Sustainability at AECOM

8.4 rating for Sustainability, based on 92 reviews
Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.
Definitely positive. We try incorporating carbon footprint calculations in our reports and design to most sustainable measures
Graduate, Sydney
AECOM is a leading organisation in ESG.
Graduate, Sydney
Making good steps but some are ultimately impractical.
Graduate, Rockhampton
AECOM has a sustainable team who work always to provide sustainable environmentally friendly solutions.
Graduate, Brisbane
The company is very focused on sustainable and are constantly aiming to improve all ESG outcomes.
Graduate, Newcastle
It's important to reduce carbon emissions as an organization. There are two approaches a tailored individualized approach which focuses on behavior or a team-wide incentive based approach that embeds values of ESG throughout.
Graduate, Melbourne
Working on how they can more sustainability deliver projects
Early Professional, Brisbane
Well we have a team of sustainability consultants plus the ESG influencers
Professional, Sydney
That has become a big focus for the company. However, I am concerned about how ambitious we are for such a progressive movement that has not enough credibility. For example, net zero carbon by 2030 is too ambitious to be setting in stone. Does any individual really have the space and mental capacity to devise a practical means to achieve the goal?
Graduate, Sydney
Our company targets Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions itself, and we support nature-based solutions in the whole business line.
Graduate, Townsville
Graduate, Sydney
Yes, very committed to their Sustainable Legacies statement.
Graduate, Sydney
Some projects could have put in a lot more effort to ensure positive environmental impacts. This is through the actual project itself, not just through including bin trackers and reducing waste in the office. I am referring mainly to NEL, which has a lot of extracurriculars and sustainability actions etc, but does not actually translate into the actual project and many decision makers in that project seem to not care enough about making a positive environmental impact.
Graduate, Melbourne
Sustainability is incorporated in both the day to day operations of the office and also in the work that we do. Where possible, most of my colleagues have some kind of knowledge or interest in environmentally sustainable practices.
Graduate, Perth
The company is trying to reduce their impact but coming from a country where reducing your environmental impact is very important I reckon there are things that could be done a lot better
Graduate, Townsville
My company has some initiatives to implement sustainability within projects through developing tools such as ScopeX. We are encouraged to always think about sustainability in design for projects.
Professional Engineer, Sydney
Just the general recycling bins from what I have seen
Graduate, Brisbane
Ambitious goals and tangible roadmaps to achieve sustainability targets in all areas of the business.
Graduate, Melbourne
High prioritization on ESG and environmentally sustainable projects.
Graduate, Sydney
High business priority
Graduate, Sydney