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Management at AECOM

8.1 rating for Management, based on 92 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
Very satisfied. Yes they definitely make good mentors they are someone I look up to. Goal setting meetings and mentor meetings are initiated by me. We are able to request people to provide a review about your performance through a platform.
Graduate, Sydney
They are very personable, approachable and kind.
Graduate, Perth
My manager only works 3 days a week and works from home most of the time. makes it very hard to approach and learn from
Graduate, Newcastle
Extremely approachable, supportive, provide great feedback that is useful and aims to support your improvement. They have a great system for thanking colleagues as well, and everyone shows appreciation for each other's work.
Graduate, Sydney
Very mixed bag, some of the managers are great, some display favoritism, some look down their nose at people who are junior, and some just don't have time for teaching or managing us.
Graduate, Canberra
Managers are great mentors, both knowledgeable and approachable.
Graduate, Rockhampton
My manager is always accessible. He is a good mentor. He is always providing feedback on the work that I do. I am satisfied with it.
Graduate, Brisbane
Yes, everything is good about him. Supportive, good mentors and clear and sound communication
Graduate, Mackay
Managers are accessible and some are good mentors. AECOM has a mentoring program and encourages finding mentors. Feedback is encouraged, but not really implemented by managers. Put on employee to seek feedback
Graduate, Newcastle
I have had incredible managers and mentors during my time at AECOM. Not only on my direct team, but those around my team in our business line. Communication has always been good. I have always felt like I can call someone at anytime and I am not a hindrance to them. AECOM has initiatives to give praise and recognition. When used this feels great and makes the hardwork feel worth it.
Professional, Brisbane
The office managers are always accessible and there are plenty of opportunities for graduate to network with them during the graduate program.
Graduate, Newcastle
I have an excellent immediate manager, and I appreciate the communication and culture building of my higher tier managers.
Professional, Brisbane
My managers are easily accessible/contactable. They ask how I've been doing and if there is anything else I want to learn.
Graduate, Sydney
Direct managers are good and help with development
Graduate, Sydney
My line manager is great. He is super supportive and wants to help me progress further in my career. I feel like I can talk to him whenever. However, my team lead seems very uninterested in the younger people in the team and often is quite condescending. Seems to avoid difficult conversations and will only check in on you when he wants something.
Early Professional, Brisbane
Good access and they listen to me.
Professional, Perth
Managers are seeking a management strategy that meets business metrics which is important. However, the softer aspects of it such as team bonding could use some improvement.
Graduate, Sydney
Managers are incredibly easy to talk to and perceptive. The people make AECOM such a great place to work.
Graduate, Auckland
My manager respects my work and always looks after how I can develop as a flood modeller. We have a mentoring program to connect mentors in our office. He is gentle and easy to communicate anytime I want.
Graduate, Townsville
Great mentors. Give good feedback and often give praise and recognition. They are very busy most of the time, but you can usually fit a time chat up.
Graduate, Brisbane