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Culture at AECOM

8.3 rating for Culture, based on 92 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Our team is very inviting and open to be able to talk about issues both at work and personally. Team lunches or dinner outings are organised monthly.
Graduate, Sydney
The work culture is great. We have weekly free drinks and snack evenings in the office. We often have social events with the wider department to get to know everyone, including all higher managers. We also go out to dinner within the smaller teams on fridays.
Graduate, Perth
Not much socialisation from senior members
Graduate, Newcastle
Within my immediate team the hierarchy is very flat, the team shares responsibility well and meets weekly to discuss availability and capacity throughout the team to move work around if needed. There is a lot of socialising amongst colleagues most weeks there is a team/business line/ whole of AECOM of drinks organised. I also sit with my team for lunch most days and hang out.
Graduate, Sydney
A lot of the people are lovely, helpful and kind. However, there is favoritism, certain grads get heaps of opportunities while others get none, for no reason other than who is closer friends with the bosses.
Graduate, Canberra
Office culture is alright. I'm not a huge fan of hybrid working, because sometimes I feel unsupported. Office culture outside of work is great with the team doing regular catch-ups.
Graduate, Rockhampton
Diverse culture. People from different backgrounds can be seen in the office. Friendly
Graduate, Brisbane
Good culture amongst early professionals. Senior staff almost never participate in social events. Leads to good collaboration between juniors, or seniors, but not between both levels
Graduate, Newcastle
AECOM company culture is amazing. Lots of networking opportunities provided
Graduate, Brisbane
Team work and socialisation is heavily invested in at AECOM. They spend a lot of time ensuring work/life balance is achievable, and it shows. A lot of effort is invested in social activities which allow you to get to know your wider team better.
Professional, Brisbane
The culture is great. There is always some social event to be involved with, but there is also no pressure to be involved if you just want to head home or have any other plans. The environment also feels really inclusive and welcoming to all, no matter their religion, gender, etc. Everyone is given the opportunity to, at some point meet the upper leadership and they often hold "town halls" which make them feel more approachable to raise concerns, etc.
Graduate, Newcastle
I appreciate the overtness of company values of inclusivity and diversity, and believe it is one of AECOM's great strengths. The size of the company is a challenge.
Professional, Brisbane
The water resources team has a good culture and organises many events for in the office and after hours. Th managers are good at communicating and also socialise with the whole team.
Graduate, Sydney
I think it is mixed. I am satisfied with the culture within my team and feel it is a supportive environment. However, other teams have a poor culture which I have experienced working on projects.
Graduate, Sydney
Externally teams appear to want to collaborate however given the CM team's role on most project very little integration happens between projects depending on the task and project.
Graduate, Melbourne
Socialising amongst colleagues is great. There are always lots of events happening around the office and you can choose to get involved in as little or as much as you want. The early professional committee is a great way to socialise and meet people. In general, most people in the team are great to work with and are very supportive, especially to grads coming in.
Early Professional, Brisbane
Great culture, don't feel as though I can't interact with higher members of the company. Good after work culture.
Professional, Perth
It's a bit hard to say. Overall, the business has a reasonably good culture with monthly drinks and bespoke events through initiatives such as AECommunity and Connect. There is a strong push for culture to improve. With my team, however, there's almost no culture. It's all about work with my team and no one knows how to socialise. They thought that having a bunch of presentations is considered a 'social event'.
Professional, Sydney
Because i come from a construction and manufacturing background where the work is more hands on, necessitating strong teamwork, I feel that there isn't much unity and integration within the team and across different disciplines.
Graduate, Sydney
The company's culture is improving. For younger people it is great, but I think more could be done by the business to organise events and improve the culture/ connectivity of the office.
Graduate, Auckland