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Career Prospects at AECOM

7.3 rating for Career Prospects, based on 92 reviews
Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
Definitely satisfied. AECOM acknowledges hard work and commitment.
Graduate, Sydney
In the first two years you receive a promotion every year until you complete the graduate program. Then you can advance through experiences, taking on responsibilities and seizing learning opportunities.
Graduate, Perth
Wage growth is quite low
Graduate, Newcastle
If you work well you automatically get promoted after the two year grad program.
Graduate, Sydney
Promotions readily given. Not worried about being taken advantage of.
Graduate, Rockhampton
A specific goal could be set up to motivate people, which will help to understand what other things are to be done to be promoted.
Graduate, Brisbane
Good number of dedicated years to get promoted
Graduate, Mackay
In early career, time. Everyone gets promoted at the same time regardless of performance
Graduate, Newcastle
Moving up can be done by just putting in the years. However there is also opportunities to move across to other teams and progess your career that way
Professional, Brisbane
Being a large organisation, the promotional opportunities are competitive, but not out of access. You will need to be completing exceptional work to be consider for a promotion after Professional Engineer phase.
Graduate, Newcastle
The performance and rewards process is transparent and prompts helpful discussions which help map out goals. I knew what was required of me to be promoted to Professional at completion of my Graduate program.
Professional, Brisbane
I'm still part of the graduate program but I have been given more work/responsibilities as I've progressed with work.
Graduate, Sydney
Promotions are extremely structured an do not respect an individuals exceeding performance. Two people at the same position on the same pay level can perform vastly different roles and levels of responsibility.
Professional, Brisbane
It appears career progression within the company comes with it's challenges.
Graduate, Melbourne
Seems to be hard to move up the ranks based on performance. As a general rule you will progress up the ranks the longer you have been at the company.
Early Professional, Brisbane
Put in the work and you should be rewarded.
Professional, Perth
How would I know? I automatically got promoted once the grad program finished with a salary increase less than the rate of inflation.
Professional, Sydney
not sure. like with all companies, politics, meritocracy and business metrics all are factors at play.
Graduate, Sydney
It is unfortunate, but in order to move up and get an appropriate raise you have to move to different companies as promotional opportunities and pay progression can be poor.
Graduate, Auckland
We have a paid two-year graduate engineer training program, and after two years, I can have a chance to be promoted.
Graduate, Townsville