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Advanced Navigation

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What Advanced Navigation does: Advanced Navigation manufactures, designs, and maintains navigation and robotics technologies for air, land, sea, and space applications. 

Mission: Advanced Navigation’s mission is to drive the autonomy revolution to unparalleled excellence with AI-powered systems. 

Size and Presence: Advanced Navigation offers excellent navigation and robotics technology supported by around 121 employees spread across 4 locations in Australia. 

Best Known For: Advanced Navigation is popular for its accurate and sophisticated navigation algorithm across diverse transport systems. 

The good bits: Advanced Navigation boasts a collective of passionate, innovative, and inspiring individuals. A positive work environment makes success and growth infectious. 

The not-so-good bits: Due to the rapid growth of the company, some workdays are super busy. Employees must be able to cope with the fast-paced environment. 

The Advanced Navigation Story 

Founded in 2010, Advanced Navigation was formed to improve navigation and robotics technologies. They collaborate with prominent innovative researchers like Q+CTRL to develop space navigation. 

Advanced Navigation developed the first fully digital fibre optic gyroscope in their work with RMIT and ANU. They continue to push the boundaries of navigation and play prominent roles in the most exciting navigation and robotics projects. 

Currently, Advanced Navigation is operational in more than 70 countries with 35,000 solutions in operation. 

Culture and Vibes 

Advanced Navigation’s reputation hinges on maintaining a high performance reliably. They infuse this need for reliability in their culture and make positivity flow through for perfect execution. 

They foster a positive team spirit in which everyone is passionate about growth and dedicated to personal support. Advanced Navigation also hosts team bonding exercises to help employees enjoy the best working experience. 

The vibe at Advanced Navigation is quite fast-paced. There are lots of exciting projects going on and there’s never a dull day in the office. 

The journey to explore the endless possibilities in AI takes a new turn each day in Advanced Navigation. Employees relish their prominent roles in defining the world of navigation and robotics. 

Recruitment Process 

Advanced Navigation pursued excellence in every operational aspect. They rely on a talented workforce to take them to new bounds each day. 

Advanced Navigation is always on the lookout for talents with diverse backgrounds. Open positions are usually advertised on the company’s website. 

When graduate and internship applicants identify roles that best suit them, they have to submit resumes tailored to the position. 

The best-suited applicants would receive a screening call. This call informs them of their success in applying for the role and is conversational about their experience and skills for the role. 

The selected applicants are invited for interviews. The interview sessions are mostly in-person but in exceptional cases, they are done virtually. The interview sessions are often conducted by the managers of such positions. 

After passing the interview with the roles’ manager, applicants get to meet with the founder. This meeting is conversational and looks to examine the cultural fitness of applicants. 

Applicants are then passed through background checks and verbally offered the roles. 

The most impressive applicants are then offered roles in the company and put through a thorough onboarding process. 

Career Prospects 

Every position at Advanced Navigation is growth laden. Employees have access to industry-leading tools and inspired teammates to help them develop in their roles. 

They believe in allowing every employee to choose their career path. They offer employees the necessary tools to help them make informed decisions and carve a niche of their choice. 

Advanced Navigation paid internship programs in navigation and robotics. These internship opportunities offer employees learning and guidance with professional equipment they only read about. 

Overall, positions at Advanced Navigation offer a route for graduates and interns to gain firsthand experience with firsthand equipment to solve real-life problems. 


Software Engineers at Advanced Navigation earn $120,000 per year while Senior Engineers are paid around $154,000 per year. Operations managers earn between $72,000 - $78,000 per year. 


  • Professional development 
  • Conveniently located office space 
  • In-house team events 
  • Parental leave 
  • Globally expanding team 
  • Global employee assistance programs 

Social Contributions 

Advanced Navigation maintains sustainability by building systems that last the test of time. They partner with top companies to improve navigation technology and improve space knowledge. 

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